Group Lessons

U.S. Masters Swimming-certified adult learn-to-swim instructor and Sarasota Tsunami Masters Swimming coach Jeff Waddle will lead the instruction at all sites.

Lessons at all sites cost $60. If the cost of lessons is a barrier to your learning to swim, ask about a scholarship.

Adult Lean-to-swim classes are limited in size and are aimed at adult-beginner swimmers, ages 18-plus. Instruction will follow the U.S. Masters Swimming adult learn-to-swim curriculum, which focuses on helping the student be safer in the water and teaching the student to swim, at a minimum, one length of the 25-yard pool.

NEXT LEVEL-Adult learn-to-swim classes are designed for the Adult learn-to-swim graduate who can successfully complete the USMS water competency of Jumping into deep water, return to surface, float or tread for 60 seconds, turn in a full circle, swim 25 yards, exit the pool. We will provide in the water instruction on improving the Freestyle with breathing, Breaststroke, Backstroke and overcome stroke inefficiencies.

Masters 101 was designed as Step 3 progression of the Adult Learn-to-swim ( Step 1), NEXT LEVEL - Adult Learn-to-swim (Step 2). This session focuses on Stroke techniques where we will work in depth on the Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, along with learning the open turn and flip turns. We will learn more about what is involved to start swimming with Tsunami Masters team so that your confident, informed and ready to embark on a lifelong quest for better health.

Stroke Clinics - USMS Stroke Development Clinics where Jeff will deliver a drill/swim progression for each of the four strokes, with the goal to help swimmers of all abilities improve stroke technique during the clinic and to apply drills to self-improve beyond the clinic. Stroke development clinics provide swimmers skills to improve technique, improve efficiency in the water, and become better swimmers.

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