Open Water Training Plan and Coaching

Marathon Training Plan


This Training plan brought to you by Waddle’s Adult Swim Academy. Together we can redefine your limits and achieve great things. The advice and training plan is a plan to help provide structure to your preparation for a 7 mile Swim Marathon. For increased results and performance you may considering enrolling in my Coaching Services Plan.


This training plan would suit a sea swim or lake swim alike. The plan best suits someone who is relatively new to long distance swimming but some experience is recommended. Ideally you would have swam (using solely front crawl without stopping) a 5km open water event before starting this plan but it’s not essential.

Coaching Services

What you get:

  • Weekly targeted swim workouts
  • I’m here for you - text, email, calls
  • Strength and Core plans
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Open Water swims with the Coach
  • Critical Swim Speed (CSS) testing
  • Private Facebook Page for tips and motivation
  • Connect with like minded Athletes
  • Garmin private group for Data analysis and feedback

Monthly $75

4 Month Full Plan $275.00